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Children's Vision

Children's vision is of upmost importance. If a child is not able to see clearly, read easily or for prolonged periods of time it has a huge impact on their learning and quality of life.

We know that medical appointments with children can be stressful and we are here to make checking their eye health as painless as possible. 

All of our team have experience in dealing with children and we make it as fun and interactive as we can. We have endless techniques to keep children engaged and co-operative. And if its a bad day, we do not judge or pressurise.

If you would like an autism friendly quieter appointment we can always work to accommodate your needs with early morning and end of day slots. Just let a member of our team know your requirements when booking your appointment. 

In addition to this we also provide a range of services for children having educational or developmental issues. More information about this can be found at......


Child with blonde hair being fitted with prescription glasses
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