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Contact Lenses 

As we are an independent practice group we offer lenses from all the major manufacturers. This allows us to fit you with the best lenses for your eyes and visual needs. Our large range means that we can fit virtually any prescription with contact lenses. 

We can fit you with daily, bi-weekly, monthly and RGP contact lenses. Our Optometrists will guide you through the fitting process by finding the most suitable lenses for your prescription and lifestyle. 

We know how life changing contact lenses can be, we take the time to ensure that you get the most from your contact lenses. Unlike larger chains we keep going to find the ideal lenses and ensure you are able to insert your lenses confidently and safely. 

Contact lens.jpg
Contact lens.jpg

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are our most popular lens type. With exceptional comfort and easy care we offer daily, bi-weekly and monthly soft contact lenses.

RGP Lenses 

We offer a large range of RGP lenses for existing wearers and ,if required, we have vast experience in fitting and refitting. 

Lens Plan

Spread the cost of your lenses with our lens plan, everything is included in the price; your lenses, solutions (if required), contact lens check ups and even free replacement lenses if you damage one.

Your contact lenses can even be posted to your home or work address. 

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