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Eye Examinations 


We offer eye examinations to both private and NHS funded patients. All of our eye examinations are performed using the latest technology so you get the most thorough check of your prescription and eye health.

Every eye examination begins with our prescreening, during this we perform various tests to give our Optometrists as much information as possible about the health of your eyes. We find out how you use your vision so that we can recommend the best vision correction for your visual needs.  

After your eye examination our knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the frame and lens buying process. 

Find out more below.

Field of vision testing 

We check your field of vision for any reduction in your visual field. Changes to your visual fields can help us pick up conditions such as glaucoma long before you notice any changes to your vision. Early treatment is the best way to prevent or reduce vision loss.

We take retinal photographs of the back of your eye as part of your eye examination. These are taken quickly and painlessly without drops.

Our Optometrists can then check for any abnormalities at the back of your eye. We save your images so we can check for small changes over time at your next visit. 

Young woman reception doctor ophthalmologist to check quality of eye vision. Concept diagn

Retinal Photography

Female ophthalmologist measuring the eye pressure with modern tonometer to a senior patien

Puff free pressure test

We know that no one likes the dreaded "puff of air" test traditionally used. 

We use an iCare tonometer which takes accurate measurements without the fright.

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